Recovered products

Across Canada, RPM eco offers an integrated management system for the recycling of contaminated plastic containers such as hydrocarbons, paint cans, barrels and storage totes, and containers of pesticides and fertilizers.

Specialized equipment

All RPM eco trucks and trailers ensure the safe transport of hazardous materials thanks to their fibreglass coating or welded metal bottom, and specially designed leak-proof edges.

Safe processes

RPM eco employees adapt to your health and safety requirements. They understand security issues and respect the strictest standards, while providing courteous and professional service.

Personalized visits

Recycling shouldn’t be complicated. To simplify and maximize the process, RPM eco adjusts the frequency of visits to your peak periods and your specific needs.

Service requests

RPM eco is in constant contact with its drivers, ensuring a quick response to your service requests, no matter your region. To guarantee your complete satisfaction, a punctual follow-up is carried out after our interventions.

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Accident management

To err is human, but to find solutions is even more in our nature. RPM eco manages spills and accidents involving contaminated substances with respect for health, safety and the environment. We use biodegradable and organic products, as well as methods of pressure cleaning and sealing of the affected areas.