What we do

Since 2004, RPM eco has offered customers an integrated system for managing contaminated waste, such as hydrocarbons plastic containers, pesticide and fertilizer containers, and much more.

Once collected, materials are washed using industrial wastewater treated by RPM eco, thus avoiding the use of drinking water.

The result: quality recycled plastics with constant properties that allow us to supply our customers.

Why we do it

At RPM eco, we believe that our world is a reflection of who we are. Everything we do has an effect on our fellow humans, on our economy, on our planet. Some people like to wash their hands of things. We prefer to get ours dirty. By working cleanly, intelligently and together.

We innovate. In order to create the mirror effect, and to be proud of our reflection.

Going as far as possible

RPM eco collects contaminated plastics in New Brunswick, Prince-Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, and offers recycled plastics all across Canada.

And staying close to you

RPM eco ensures quick responses to your service calls. The RPM eco team covers the vast majority of municipalities in the served provinces and adjusts the frequency of its visits to your specific needs.












Working together

RPM eco and the 70 employees who make up our team would like to thank our partners, all of which contribute to our integrated system for managing contaminated waste.