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Updated : 11 June 2024

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RPM eco minimizes the impact of contaminated materials on health and the environment. We specialize in the collection of contaminated plastic containers, water treatment, and the valorization of 100% post-consumer resins for industrial sectors.

General questions

Do you offer a plastic container recovery system?

Yes, we specialize in collecting contaminated plastic containers, including oily products, windshield washer fluid, diesel exhaust fluid, antifreeze, HDPE-type pesticides, or #2 plastic. However, we do not collect household or food containers.

Do all your sites accept material?

No. Please register for our pickup service if you wish to have your empty contaminated containers recovered. Our sites only accept full loads from businesses specializing in the management of contaminated materials, by appointment only

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Do you collect oils and oil filters?

No, we specialize in managing empty contaminated plastic containers. For other products, please refer to your hazardous materials recycler or consult your province’s governing body website for these materials.

Am I required to deal with my oil recycler for empty container pickup?

No! By using our services, you ensure that your contaminated plastics are recycled according to the highest industry standards and will be reused and valorized in local markets. You are contributing to this circular approach.

Is collection a paid service?

No. However, this varies by province and under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations. For example, collection of small-format oil containers is free in each Canadian province (for up to 30 or 50 litres depending on the province).

To find out the list of products covered by the regulations and for which collection is free, please refer to the provincial organization responsible for the program.

These programs are subject to change; you can periodically consult our updated list here.

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Do I have to pay for recovery bins and plastic bags?

Not at all if you use our services. RPM eco will provide you with the number of bins required according to the volume you generate. Bags for transporting small containers will also be provided to you free of charge and in sufficient quantity.

Is there a subsidy program? How do I qualify?

There is no government subsidy for the recovery of contaminated plastic containers.

Instead, it is the responsibility of the producer (the one who markets the product) to finance a free collection service for the end-user or consumer.

See the Recyc-Québec website or that of your province for a detailed description.

Go to Recyc-Québec website (French only)


View list to access other provinces’ programs.


In which regions do you collect?

Each province has precise maps and has divided its territory into detailed zones. Our teams traverse these territories and zones for optimal coverage.

Contact us to verify service availability in your municipality.

What types of containers do you collect?

We collect contaminated plastic containers of type HDPE (plastic #2), and PP (plastic #5). Containers must be emptied before they can be collected. No other type of container or material should be added.

We also offer collection of large bulk containers. You can refer to the FAQ section on this topic.

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How do I take advantage of your collection service?

Simply by registering with our customer service.

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Do you collect plastics on a set frequency (for example, every other Wednesday)?

No. Our predictive systems allow us to assess the best time to retrieve your plastics. There’s no need to call us. We’ll be there on schedule, based on the time of year and when the volumes to be collected meet the target we’ve established with you.

Our pickup services do not follow the same frequencies as those offered by municipalities.

Water treatment

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What types of water contamination do you accept?

We accept contaminated water from garages, industries, spills, or site remediation work. Please contact our customer service for the characterization of your contaminated water.

Do you accept water with flammable contaminants?
Only if the flammable material has contaminated the water. For example, water from an oil spill in a basin can be received at our facilities. However, we would be obligated to refuse delivery of diesel contaminated by tank condensation.
Who arranges transportation? Do you offer pickup service?

We do not offer transportation services. We invite you to contact specialized companies in this field.

What is the cost for the volume of a tanker truck?

Prices can only be provided after analyzing the material to be treated. A physical sample is the safest way to determine the price per liter of the material to be treated.

We charge per liter for the water to be treated. For more details on our prices, feel free to contact one of our customer service experts. Prices may vary depending on the type and level of contamination.

Plastic resins 100% mechanically recycled pcr

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What types of resin pellets do you offer?

Our recovered resins are used by plastic processing companies. We offer 12 types of resins with different properties.

Each resin is tested to ensure quality and melt degree.

Contact customer service to obtain the technical data sheet for our products.

All products are classified as HDPE (plastic #2) or PP (plastic #5).


Reconditioning of IBC containers (tote) and barrels

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What is considered an intermediate bulk container (IBC)?

An Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) refers to containers with a capacity exceeding 30 litres. This category encompasses barrels of various sizes as well as semi-bulk containers, commonly known as totes or IBC containers.

What services are available?

We collect large containers, including those with a capacity greater than 30 litres.

We are referring here to drums of all sizes as well as large semi-bulk containers (commonly called totes or IBC containers).

For large semi-bulk containers, we offer:

  • Washing and re-certification services
  • The sale of new and reconditioned IBC containers
  • Recycling of containers that cannot be reused

Contact our customer service to request a quote.

How much can I save on reconditioned intermediate tote tanks?

Reconditioned semi-bulk containers offer approximately 75% savings compared to new containers.

What are the guaranteed safety standards? What do they mean? How are these containers reconditioned?

Standards compliance involves thorough washing (both inside and outside), leak testing, and verification of labeling and container information.

This quality management system, compliant with UN certification, ensures that all procedures are followed and that reconditioned containers meet safety and transport standards.

RPM eco is certified by Transport Canada for reconditioning and reselling IBCs. Our certification covers intermediate bulk containers intended for transporting dangerous goods.

Who takes care of picking up the semi-bulk containers? What is the process for buying back semi-bulk containers?

RPM eco can pick up your containers. Fees may apply depending on the quality and quantity of containers you need to have picked up.

High-quality containers may be repurchased based on condition and market demand.

Please note that we only accept empty containers free from radioactive, highly acidic, explosive, or highly flammable materials.

Contact our customer service to schedule an estimate.