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Natural resources

Environmental practices

Natural resource companies’ environmental practices are closely monitored by civil society and governments. RPM eco can help companies improve their environmental performance by safely disposing of contaminated plastics.

Canada-wide services

We serve mining and forestry companies in all major regions of Canada. Natural resource companies have their own unique machine maintenance protocols. Our predictive collection system optimizes service, so you can achieve the best possible environmental performance.

Equipped to handle large volume containers

We are well equipped to pick up large containers such as totes, IBCs and HDPE drums.

We provide comprehensive fleet management for intermediate tote tanks, including:

  • Washing and recertification services
  • Sale of new and refurbished large semi-bulk containers
  • Recycling of containers that cannot be returned to the market

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Currently, 5% of our recovered material comes from the natural resource companies we serve. Contact our team to find out how we can recover your contaminated containers.

Did you know ?

  • Recycled plastic helps preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).
  • The production of recycled plastic generates 48% fewer GHGs than virgin resins.
  • We issue certificates to clients who provide large volumes to attest to their environmental practices.

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We collect contaminated plastic containers in almost all regions of Canada. We pick up containers made of HDPE, HMW, and PP. To take advantage of our collection service, simply register with our customer service.
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Do you offer a plastic container recovery system

Yes. We specialize in collecting contaminated plastic containers, including oil and pesticide containers. However, we don’t collect household or food containers as they are not contaminated.

Is collection a paid service?

No. However, this may vary depending on the province and regulations on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). For example, collection of small-format oil containers is free in each Canadian province (for up to 30 or 50 Litres depending on the province).

To find out which products are covered by the regulations and for which collection is free, please refer to the provincial organization responsible for the program.

These programs are subject to change; you can periodically check our updated list here.

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Do I have to pay for recovery bins and plastic bags?

No, not if you use our services. RPM Eco will provide you with the number of bins required based on the volume you generate. Bags for transporting small containers will also be provided to you free of charge and in sufficient quantity.

What regions are covered for collection?

Each province has detailed maps illustrating the division of its territory into detailed zones. Contact us to verify service availability in your municipality.

What services are available for large plastic containers?

We also collect large containers, including barrels, totes, and IBCs.

We refer here to barrels of any size as well as large semi-bulk containers (commonly referred to as totes or IBC containers).

For large semi-bulk containers, we offer:

  • Washing and recertification services
  • Sale of large semi-bulk containers with new and reconditioned bottles
  • Recycling of containers that cannot be returned to the market

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