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Your containers, a precious resource

Our teams travel all over Canada to collect contaminated plastic containers that cannot be recycled by municipalities. Collection ensures that these containers do not end up in landfills and make your practices greener.

In 2022, we collected over 10,000 metric tons of contaminated containers in Canada.
Collection volume
10 000 MT
We collect various types of plastic containers, ranging from small to large sizes, used in industrial applications.
Containers of all types collected
Our team, assisted by artificial intelligence, has reduced by over 30% the number of pickups needed to gather a ton of plastic.
Assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
30 %

Near you, wherever you are

Every city and every village can contribute to recycling these contaminated containers : we even cover the most remote territories.


Materials collected

RPM eco specializes in collecting plastics contaminated with various chemicals, such as oils, pesticides, fertilizers, windshield washer fluid, diesel exhaust fluid, antifreeze, and other chemicals. Containers can vary in size, from 1-litre bottles to 20-litre pails, barrels, and IBCs.

Recovering these materials protects our environment and natural resources.

Predictive and secure collection

Recycling shoudn’t be complicated. Our logistic system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to plan pickups, ensuring timely collection for you.

Our truck drivers are trained to adhere to the strictest health and safety standards, providing professional and courteous service.

RPM eco trucks and trailers ensure the safe transport of contaminated containers thanks to their adapted design.

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We collect contaminated plastic containers in almost all regions of Canada. We pick up containers made of HDPE, HMW, and PP. To take advantage of our collection service, simply register with our customer service.
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Is collection a paid service?

No. However, this varies by province and under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations. For example, collection of small-format oil containers is free in each Canadian province (for up to 30 or 50 litres depending on the province).

To find out the list of products covered by the regulations and for which collection is free, please refer to the provincial organization responsible for the program.

These programs are subject to change; you can periodically consult our updated list here.

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Do I have to pay for recovery bins and plastic bags?

Not at all if you use our services. RPM eco will provide you with the number of bins required according to the volume you generate. Bags for transporting small containers will also be provided to you free of charge and in sufficient quantity.

Is there a subsidy program? How do I qualify?

There is no government subsidy for the recovery of contaminated plastic containers.

Instead, it is the responsibility of the producer (the one who markets the product) to finance a free collection service for the end-user or consumer.

See the Recyc-Québec website or that of your province for a detailed description.

Go to Recyc-Québec website (French only)


View list to access other provinces’ programs.


In which regions do you collect?

Each province has precise maps and has divided its territory into detailed zones. Our teams traverse these territories and zones for optimal coverage.

Contact us to verify service availability in your municipality.

What types of containers do you collect?

We collect contaminated plastic containers of type HDPE (plastic #2), and PP (plastic #5). Containers must be emptied before they can be collected. No other type of container or material should be added.

We also offer collection of large bulk containers. You can refer to the FAQ section on this topic.

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How do I take advantage of your collection service?

Simply by registering with our customer service.

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Do you collect plastics on a set frequency (for example, every other Wednesday)?

No. Our predictive systems allow us to assess the best time to retrieve your plastics. There’s no need to call us. We’ll be there on schedule, based on the time of year and when the volumes to be collected meet the target we’ve established with you.

Our pickup services do not follow the same frequencies as those offered by municipalities.