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Mechanical recycling

Recycling is in our nature.

Every year, our recycling plant processes over 61,775,000 plastic containers of all sizes contaminated with oily products, windshield washer fluid, diesel exhaust fluid, antifreeze, pesticides, or fertilizers. We mainly recycle PE and PP plastics.
We receive over 10 million kilograms of recycled plastics every year, thanks to containers collected from over 20,000 collection sites.
Recycled Plastics
10 million kilograms
We collect a wide range of industrial plastic containers.
Containers of All Types Collected
We supply mechanically recycled 100% post-consumer resins to a growing number of industries.
Types of 100% Post-Consumer Resins

A circular solution

Our mechanical recycling solution offers several advantages in terms of ecology, regulations, and quality.

In terms of ecology, this approach is more energy-efficient than chemical recycling, which requires heating the material. Our process produces fewer CO2 emissions, reducing our ecological footprint and that of our clients.

Regarding the recovered material, mechanical recycling preserves most of the plastic’s initial properties, allowing for multiple cycles of reuse.

Constant improvement of our processes

Since our founding in 2004, we have constantly optimized our processes to maximize the reuse of recovered materials.

Firstly, during collection, containers are grouped to ensure better resin homogeneity.

Secondly, this material is compacted and baled to concentrate the recyclable material.

Thirdly, the materials are shredded, decontaminated, cleaned, and dried, producing clean flakes ready for use.

The last step involves pelletizing, where a VOC reduction process and the addition of additives are performed.

Real-time laboratory

Our resins are constantly analyzed to measure contaminants and adjust treatment to meet manufacturers’ expectations.

You can request or download data on our various plastics by making a request here.

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We collect contaminated plastic containers in almost all regions of Canada. We pick up containers made of HDPE, HMW, and PP. To take advantage of our collection service, simply register with our customer service.
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