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Plastic resins 100% mechanically recycled pcr

Recreating materials

We are pioneers driven by the valorization of plastic materials. Since our inception, our resins have been used by manufacturers, processors, and plastic container manufacturers for various industries. We aim to achieve the complete bottle-to-bottle cycle. Every year, we get closer to this ultimate goal.

Every year, we process over 10 million kilograms of plastics, thanks to containers collected from over 20,000 collection sites.
Recycled Plastics
10 million kg
We collect a wide range of industrial plastic containers.
Containers of All Types Collected
We supply mechanically recycled 100% post-consumer resins to a growing number of industries.
Types of 100% Post-Consumer Resins

Sustainable solutions

Our planet’s resources are limited, but the possibilities are limitless if we use them intelligently. Recovering and valorizing contaminated plastic is our way of doing our part for the health and environment of our generations and those to come.

Our obsession, valorization

Every volume of material passing through RPM eco finds its outlet. The different types of resins we recover are used to manufacture numerous containers and industrial products made from 100% recovered plastic.

Our types of 100% post-consumption resins

Each type of resin finds its outlet. Our laboratory provides technical data sheets that you can consult to ensure you get the best product for your industrial needs.

We offer 12 different 100% post-consumer resins with distinctive specifications adapted for all your uses.

Consult or download product spec sheets

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We collect contaminated plastic containers in almost all regions of Canada. We pick up containers made of HDPE, HMW, and PP. To take advantage of our collection service, simply register with our customer service.
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What types of resin pellets do you offer?

Our recovered resins are used by plastic processing companies. We offer 12 types of resins with different properties.

Each resin is tested to ensure quality and melt degree.

Contact customer service to obtain the technical data sheet for our products.

All products are classified as HDPE (plastic #2) or PP (plastic #5).