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Reconditioning of IBC containers (tote) and barrels

A comprehensive solution

Every year, significant quantities of potentially hazardous materials are transported in plastic barrels and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) also called Totes. We reclaim and recondition these large containers, turning them into a useful and sustainable resource. RPM eco ensures responsible and safe management of industrial containers by offering reconditioned IBC Totes certified to Transport Canada standards.

Every year, we recycle, recondition, and recertify over 8,000 intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and plastic barrels.
Containers processed every year
All cages and containers we receive are 100% recycled without any loss. Subsequently, the majority undergo reconditioning and recertification to UN norms and compliant with Transport Canada standards.
Material reuse and recycling
When purchasing a reconditioned and Transport Canada-certified intermediate bulk container (IBC or Tote), you can achieve savings of up to 75% compared to the price of a new container.
Potential savings

A safe solution

When transporting hazardous materials, ensuring tightness and the safety of your employees and the environment are crucial.

We share your concerns and have established a rigorous process for inspecting, reconditioning, and recertifying intermediate bulk containers (IBCs or Totes), allowing you to conduct your activities safely and with peace of mind.

The solution to optimize your costs and ESG commitments

RPM eco provides a comprehensive solution for your empty large containers. We offer reconditioning and recertification services, the sale of IBCs with new or refurbished bottles, and complete recycling of non-reusable containers.

We handle the purchase and sale of large containers and also provide decontamination and washing services for IBCs.

Regardless of the classification, we ensure the management and upgrading of your large containers by testing their tightness in accordance to UN norms and compliant with Transport Canada standards.

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Full-service recycling

At RPM eco, we prioritize environmentally responsible management of barrels and large bulk containers. Even if some of these containers cannot be refurbished, we ensure the complete recovery of all contaminated plastic material and their metal components.

Through our sophisticated recycling processes, we offer a sustainable solution for non-degradable materials and prevent the disposal of contaminated plastics in landfills. These plastics can be recycled and reused up to 60 times.

By entrusting us with your barrels and IBC containers, you are actively contributing to enhancing the circularity of plastic in the industrial sector.

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We collect contaminated plastic containers in almost all regions of Canada. We pick up containers made of HDPE, HMW, and PP. To take advantage of our collection service, simply register with our customer service.
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What is considered an intermediate bulk container (IBC)?

An Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) refers to containers with a capacity exceeding 30 litres. This category encompasses barrels of various sizes as well as semi-bulk containers, commonly known as totes or IBC containers.

What services are available?

We collect large containers, including those with a capacity greater than 30 litres.

We are referring here to drums of all sizes as well as large semi-bulk containers (commonly called totes or IBC containers).

For large semi-bulk containers, we offer:

  • Washing and re-certification services
  • The sale of new and reconditioned IBC containers
  • Recycling of containers that cannot be reused

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How much can I save on reconditioned intermediate tote tanks?

Reconditioned semi-bulk containers offer approximately 75% savings compared to new containers.

What are the guaranteed safety standards? What do they mean? How are these containers reconditioned?

Standards compliance involves thorough washing (both inside and outside), leak testing, and verification of labeling and container information.

This quality management system, compliant with UN certification, ensures that all procedures are followed and that reconditioned containers meet safety and transport standards.

RPM eco is certified by Transport Canada for reconditioning and reselling IBCs. Our certification covers intermediate bulk containers intended for transporting dangerous goods.

Who takes care of picking up the semi-bulk containers? What is the process for buying back semi-bulk containers?

RPM eco can pick up your containers. Fees may apply depending on the quality and quantity of containers you need to have picked up.

High-quality containers may be repurchased based on condition and market demand.

Please note that we only accept empty containers free from radioactive, highly acidic, explosive, or highly flammable materials.

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